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Airport Taxi

We offer you pick-up service from Airport Alexandar the Great to City of Skopje (hotel or your destination in Skopje) by car, for the price of only 15 Euro per car!!! (maximum 4 persons) If you book the return transfer Skopje Airport – Skopje Hotels- Skopje Airport the price will be only 25 Euro per car!!! (maximum 4 persons).
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The tradition that speaks QUALITY!!!

25 years of tradition, allows us to offer transport and car rental services from two Macedonian airports and airports in the neighborhood. We are proud of our numerous fleet of vehicles, which will enable you to get to your destination safe and pleasant.

Shuttle Taxi with van

SHUTTLE TAXI – SKOPJE MACEDONIA!!!We offer variety of transportation services for business and pleasure in Skopje, Ohrid and all cities in Macedonia and surrounding region, transfers to luxury limousine and chauffeur services.
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Van 8+1 persons

SkopjeAirport Skopje20 €
SkopjeAirport Ohrid / Struga100 €
SkopjeOhrid / Struga110 €
SkopjeMavrovo80 €
SkopjeBitola110 €
SkopjeKrusevo100 €
SkopjeStrumica110 €
SkopjePrilep90 €
SkopjeVeles40 €
SkopjeTetovo40 €
SkopjeGevgelia110 €
SkopjeKumanovo50 €
SkopjeStip80 €

Car 3+1 persons

SkopjeAirport Skopje15 €
SkopjeAirport Ohrid / Struga90 €
SkopjeOhrid / Struga90 €
SkopjeMavrovo70 €
SkopjeBitola90 €
SkopjeKrusevo95 €
SkopjeStrumica90 €
SkopjePrilep85 €
SkopjeVeles35 €
SkopjeTetovo35 €
SkopjeGevgelia90 €
SkopjeKumanovo35 €
SkopjeStip80 €
SkopjePopova Sapka50 €


Van 8+1 persons

SkopjePristina90 €
SkopjePrizren110 €
SkopjeSofia130 €
SkopjeThessaloniki130 €
SkopjeTirana210 €
SkopjeBelgrade290 €

Car 3+1 persons

SkopjePristina70 €
SkopjePrizren90 €
SkopjeSofia110 €
SkopjeThessaloniki110 €
SkopjeTirana170 €
SkopjeBelgrade210 €
SkopjeNis Serbia110 €

About Our Company


We have a Variety of Vehicles According to your Choice.


We are always on time.


Highly Skilled and Friendly Staff.
All our Clients are Highly Respectable for Us.


More than 10 years experience.

Point to Point

Avioturs Transportation service to its travelers who are looking for efficient and safe transport find it in a great fleet of vehicles and professionals Avioturs Transportation Service. Our team of experts on transport are available at any time of the watch and care for you to provide the best service point point it around the country and the regional countries. Safe transport of your place of departure to the place of arrival awaits. Whether you're at the airport, a business meeting or should patuvaate to your favorite restaurant, to choose our wonderful service and arrive quickly and with the highest level of comfort.

Comfort and satisfaction

Our customers include both business and leisure travelers alike and enjoyed by locals and foreign visitors. We are dedicated to the comfort and satisfaction of our customers. You are relaxed when traveling by private car and which will be beautifully presented with spotlessly clean car at any time. We cater special attention to our fleet to make sure you always travel in perfectly clean vehicle. Our Point it Point car service is designed for those customers who require fast and efficient transport from one place to another. This is the fastest and most affordable way to reach your destination.

We have a common goal

Avioturs Transportation Services employs a team of professionals who all have a common goal. We strive to provide a more enjoyable experience for our customers and ensure that they GE reach their destination in the utmost comfort and safety. We will plan your trip carefully and will provide a driver who is parked next to you to give you transportation to your desired destination. Let us take you from your home to your destination in complete comfort and safety. We invite you to travel with our team and enjoy a more reliable and efficient transfer.

Contact Info

We are happy to answer any questions you may have! Please contact us and one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives will assist you.

Email: info@transfer.com.mk
Phones: + 389 2 3137 000
+ 389 2 3138 000
Fax: +389 2 3290 850
Websites: www.transfer.com.mk
Address: Aminta 3-ti no.33 A sec.4, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia